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Your wedding, that very special day, is all about people; about you, your family and your friends. It's those people that make your wedding day so special. We want to be part of your fantastic day. We will do anything to make sure you and all those that are dear to you, leave with wedding memories that everyone will treasure for the rest of their lives. We will always be upfront about our pricing and the entertainer you book, will be the entertainer you get. Book us now or wish you booked us later.

Bars & Clubs

We have been Djing in Bars and clubs all over Northern Illinois and Souther Wisconsin. Including some of the biggest clubs in Chicago. We can play any kind of music to fit your bar or clubs need. I guarantee you that we will keep the crowd dancing and drinking all night. Instead of just having a DJ why not have one that can play Music Videos from the 70’s to present. We can play Country, Hip-Hop, House, Rock or mix it all up. Your Choice.

Photo Booth

We only have the top of the line Beauty Mirror Photo Booth. This booth does everything. The Cutting-Edge, Magical Photo Beauty Mirror Booth. You're about to discover the perfect photo booth: It's a beautifully designed magical mirror that packs an immensely powerful software with amazing features, it has a truly jaw-dropping prominence at events.


We have bought out a lot of older karaoke companies and now have over 80,000 karaoke songs to sing to. We only use quality Shure wireless microphones, Mackie Mixers and EV speakers to bring out the best sounding karaoke company around.

Music Videos

We have a huge assortment of Music Videos from the 70’s all the way to the present day. Our DJs will mix videos just like we mix our music. We can play them on our videos screens or hook up to through HDMI, to any bar, club or any other locations video system. Imagine having an 80s night with 80s music videos on the screens or wedding with with music videos and slideshows of the couple.

Lighting & Special Effects

We have a full assortment of dance lighting and up-lighting to make any room light up. our wireless up-lighting runs on bater power for up to 10 hours so they can be put in places where wired lighting can not go. They can be put under tables, up walls and there are no wires for people to trip over. We also have over effects such as Cold fog that stays on the floor and a Cold Spark system that can go anywhere and can even be touched with no burns.
We are a full range DJ & Photo Booth Service. We can cater to any event big or small.
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